Here at ALKIMI we firmly believe recycling doesn’t just mean putting your used packaging in the recycling bin. We also like to recycle and up-cycle around here too.

ALKIMI works with nature, using eco-friendly, sustainably sourced natural ingredients, especially selected for their cleaning properties.

From day one we’ve also made sure that our ALKIMI bottles are completely recyclable, including the labels!

Our factory has also achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘VERY GOOD’ due to a number of initiatives, including:

Rainwater Harvesting

We are able to collect 26,000 litres of rainwater on site and distribute it across our factory, offices and warehouse units.

Solar PV

We have photo voltaic panels which contribute to the electricity we use, with any overcapacity being fed to the National Grid.

Intelligent lighting

We have controls and sensors to ensure that the internal LED lighting yields significant energy savings by gauging staff presence and sunlight levels.

Natural Ventilation

Our passive and natural ventilation system regulates the internal air temperature. It makes use of natural forces to source and circulate air to and from internal spaces. Not only does this provide cleaner air, it also reduces carbon emissions.


We have a paperless system, Docuware which allows us to keep paper usage to an absolute minimum.

25th September 2018 | News