ALKIMI loves nature, the planet, sustainability and ecology.

Here at ALKIMI we firmly believe recycling doesn’t just mean putting your used packaging in the recycling bin. We also like to where possible recycle and up-cycle around here too.

ALKIMI is committed to sustainability, we work with nature, using eco-friendly, sustainably sourced natural ingredients, especially selected for their high effective cleaning properties.

From day one we’ve also made sure that our ALKIMI bottles are completely recyclable, including the sleeves! We don’t stop there as we continually look to further improve our environmental impact.

Our scientifically cutting-edge formulas use sustainably sourced alternatives to petro-chemical solvents. We’ve removed harmful preservatives such as parabens and phthalates, harmful alcohols like MEA and DEA, abrasive chemicals like chlorine and formaldehyde from our process, Instead we use sustainably-sourced, natural ingredients, specially selected for their cleaning properties.

Our range of cleaning products are also highly effective through combining the power of science and nature, so less product is needed to clean, and also allowing you to spend less time cleaning and more time with friends and family. Cleaning shouldn’t be a chore and unpleasant experience due to the time it can take to clean or the horrible fumes they can give off. Thankfully ALKIMI does neither as its formulations are highly effective, non toxic and leave beautiful aromas in your home.

There is no place for chemicals in cleaning anymore. ALKIMI is a brand new cleaning solution, combining the power of science and nature. ALKIMI harnesses naturally derived ingredients to produce non-toxic formulations which powerfully target dirt and grime whilst being safe for you and those around you.

Too often using eco-cleaners means compromising on cleaning efficacy, whilst more toxic chemicals doesn’t compromise on cleaning it can damage your health, leading to a dilemma as to which to choose. Not anymore…. ALKIMI is unique as it uses environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced natural ingredients and eco-solvents to deliver highly powerful cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals or bleaches. You can now effectively clean your house without the need for harsh chemicals which are not healthy for your home.

The ALKIMI range consists of:

ALKIMI Kitchen Cleaner cuts through grease and grime. Grapefruit seed extract is believed to have certain anti-microbial and anti-fungal benefits. Tea tree oil has been used around the world for thousands of years for its reported anti-septic properties.

ALKIMI Bathroom Cleaner is naturally fast acting and targets soap scum and limescale on all bathroom surfaces including baths, sinks, tiles and taps. Made with eucalyptus extract and clove oil, which inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria.

ALKIMI Multi-purpose Cleaner powers through dirt and grime using ingredients derived from our most powerful force, nature. Orange oil has been known to exhibit anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities as well as being a renowned degreaser. Ginger root has long been used for its anti-septic properties.

ALKIMI Window/Glass Cleaner delivers a streak-free shine using sustainably sourced natural ingredients, including mint extract, known to be deodorizing and have insect repelling features. Aniseed, first cultivated in ancient Egypt, has been used throughout history for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal features.

ALKIMI Shiny Surface Cleaner delivers dynamic cleaning on all home shiny surfaces including stainless steel, appliance and ceramic hobs. Using the cleaning properties of natural ingredients that research suggests inhibits the growth of bacteria, bergamot essential oil and lemongrass extract.

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Our factory has also achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘VERY GOOD’ due to a number of initiatives, including:

Rainwater Harvesting

We are able to collect 26,000 litres of rainwater on site and distribute it across our factory, offices and warehouse units.

Solar PV

We have photo voltaic panels which contribute to the electricity we use, with any overcapacity being fed to the National Grid.

Intelligent lighting

Within our offices and factories, we have controls and sensors to ensure that the internal LED lighting yields significant energy savings by gauging staff presence and sunlight levels.

Natural Ventilation

Our passive and natural ventilation system regulates the internal air temperature. It makes use of natural forces to source and circulate air to and from internal spaces. Not only does this provide cleaner air, it also reduces carbon emissions.

Reduction in paper

We have an electronic paperless system, which allows us to keep paper usage to an absolute minimum.

Single use plastic free

We each have our own named mugs and water bottles, guests mugs and glass cups, as well as china crockery and metal cutlery as we firmly believe we should not be using single use plastic (no plastic forks, paper plates, plastic cups…)

Car pool scheme

Many of us also car share to work to save on carbon emissions and number of cars on the road.

11th February 2019 | News