ALKIMI is trusted by mum’s and dad’s. BizzieBaby an online product review site for parents have awarded ALKIMI with:

  • Gold for the multi-purpose
  • Silver for the bathroom
  • Bronze for the window/glass


Feedback from the testers for the multi-purpose cleaner included:

  • “A great product, environmentally friendly great smell. Excellent cleaning ability”
  • “Probably the best multipurpose cleaner I’ve ever used.”
  • “Very good quality, it does the job perfectly”

Feedback from the testers for the bathroom cleaner included:

  • “It’s such a brilliant idea which I think there should be much more of.”
  • “It’s reassuring that it is non-toxic and it works!”
  • “Overall it exceeded my expectations and I would happily use this product, and other products from this company.”

Feedback from the tester for the window/glass cleaner included:

  • “It did a fantastic job of cleaning my windows and it left no streaks.”
  • “The idea of having a product that works just as well as other product on the market but with no toxins is fantastic.”
  • “I love this window/glass cleaner as it smells very nice and doesn’t have chemicals to be harmful to your hands.”

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7th December 2018 | News